Monday, June 16, 2008


I have never been tagged before.

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1- I never really dated my husband. We have been friends since we were 9. He came home from his mission in April of 1999, I came home to have surgery in Sept. of 1999.
I was released in Oct. of 1999 and we were engaged Dec. 26th 1999. We were then married Feb. 29th 2000.

2- I have a very sarcastic side. Who me? Never. If there is something to be made fun of, I do it. I am never mean about it, and it is always done in fun, and I'm really good at it. This "talent" has come in handy when times are bad for some of my friends.They call me to complain or vent and end up laughing.

3- I hate being late I would rather not go if we are going to be late. On the other hand I hate it when other people are late. I think it's really rude and inconsiderate. There is a starting time for things for a reason people. i.e Church starts at 9:00 am people, not 9:05. It's just me, it makes me irritated.

4- No matter where I have lived I complain about the way the people in that state drive. In Utah they drive fast, which I don't mind, Ross hates it though. In Arizona they either leave their turn signal on or don't turn it on at all. I Texas they drive slow and don't look where they are going. That is the reason I had to have surgery. The surgery from #1.

5- I love lilies and orchids. LOVE them. Want my whole house to be filled with them. Every room, everywhere. Well any plant will do , but these are my favorites.

6- I hate the grass and lack of grass in Arizona. I want grass that I don't have to replant every 6 months. i want thick green grass that you can roll around in and not have to worry about stiff dead grass.

Well that's me, and some of the weird stuff in my life.
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huntfam said...

You are so cute!! I love reading these things about you! It's a good thing we don't live in the same ward. I can't seem to ever get to church on time. :)
I want to thank you for thinking my name is Megan! I think it is a compliment beyond words to be Megan, but I'm Tiffany! I hope I don't sound offended, cause I am 100% flattered.
Again, I loved finding out new things about you, and I will for sure do the post! ;)

The Crazy Holdens said...

Could I be more of a space case? These last few weeks have been not much fun. I am so sorry.

huntfam said...

I hear you sister! Please, don't worry about it! I love ya anyways!:)

Laurie said...


I love tags... I learn the most interesting things about people through tags. I didn't know that you were a lover of lilies. I am too. I can't go to Safeway and not buy myself a bunch of them. (Seriously, when they're only $6 and live for almost two weeks. I can't NOT get them.)

Ross' favorite sign.

Ross' favorite sign.