Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The answer.

Well time is up and the small anount of you that voted get to find out the answer to Which one is the lie? Well the answer is i have not read all of The Work and The Glory. I was gothic in high school black hair and all and I did bungee jump for my 16th birthday. Sky diving here I come. So what do you think? How did you do?

Thursday, January 01, 2009

How well do we know each other?

So now that I have moved I have begun to remember the qualities that all my friends in Arizona have and want to find new friends here that have the same or similar qualities. In my Arizona ward there were several young families and lots of kids, in my new Utah ward there are not very many kids, I felt like it was a singles ward on Sunday it was so quiet. In my new ward most of the people are my mom's age, I felt like my kids were the atomic bomb going off in church, not that they were louder here, it's just that there are NO little kids. I began to wonder about all the older ladies and wonder what they were like. I wondered if they had some of those qualities I was looking for? I know they do, but then my crazy mind began to wonder and wounder about how well I knew all of my friends back in Arizona and how well they really knew me. So, I propose a game for everyone and anyone who wants to play. Post a poll on the side of your blog with 3 things about you make 2 the truth and 1 a lie give people a few days then admit to the lie and see how everyone does. Here is mine see how you do, and have fun.

Ross' favorite sign.

Ross' favorite sign.