Friday, November 28, 2008

5 Things Tag

1-What 5 shows do you watch?
The Big Bang Theory (Mon. CBS & pm be there.)
Wife Swap
NCIS (Because of Ross)

2-What 5 restaurants do you eat at over and over?
Texas Roadhouse
Chick fil-a
Any where I don't have to cook.

3-5 things that happened today.
I got a new phone
Victoria learned to ride her bike with out training wheels.
Piper got an A+ for no asthma signs.
Ross helped Paulette move.
I didn't clean, I should have, but didn't.

4-5 things I'm looking forward to.
Living where there are seasons.
Snow for Christmas.
Ross being done with school, I really believe one day it will happen.
The twins in NURSERY!
Being with my mom and dad for Christmas.

5-5 things on my wish list
Ross done with school
A clean house, once I get one.
A bigger vehicle
To know what Wes, Paige and Piper are saying????


Missy and Kevin said...

I do envy you moving to a state with seasons, I can't imagine what that could be like:)

Laurie said...

Geniel... I can't believe that I've known you this whole long time and I am just now (on the brink of you moving!) finding out that you're a Heroes watcher! Oh my gosh, we only have two weeks... and so much to talk about! (What is UP with this season?! Seriously, Sylar has my mind tripping every single week - so does Noah Bennett.) It's CRAZY!

Anonymous said...

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Ross' favorite sign.

Ross' favorite sign.