Saturday, November 22, 2008

Now you have caught up.

In the last few weeks we have had alot going on. Wes turned 2 on the 14th of Oct. Dylan turned 7 on the 4th. I turned 31 on the 4th. Dylan got her hair cut. All of the kids got some weird stomach flu virus, I don't know what you want to call it. We announced that I AM NOT PREGO, but that we are moving to Utah. One of my best friends bought a house. (YEA, Paulette!!!) All the kids got flu shots, Victoria, Dylan and Paige didn't shed a tear, Wes and Piper on the other hand, well that's a whole other bucket of worms. I went to the midnight showing of Twilight, loved it, but LOVE the book more. Well that's all I can think of now.
I remembered more! I cut my hair, my mom came to visit, and I went to Time Out For Women and Girls. It wasn't as much fun as Time Out For Women, but I still really loved going. Paulette went with me and now has been shown the joys of a really good Time Out. Go with her next year I won't be here or you can all come to Utah and come with me and my mom to the one in Ogden.


Whitney said...

Um, didn't I just walk through the door from dropping off those picture CD's? You are fast with that title!

Myra said...

great pictures. they did turn out wonderful.

Ross' favorite sign.

Ross' favorite sign.