Tuesday, December 02, 2008

New background, New thought

I am NOT trying to be sacrilegious here, but I have a thought. I know my mom and Kathy are saying,"OH NO!", but hear me out. I love this background and it made me think about the wise men who traveled far. What did they think they would find? They had been watching and waiting for the new star, and when it appeared I wonder how that conversation went.
1)Hey look, is that new?
2)I don't know, let's get the charts.
1)I don't know where they are.
2)I think it's new, what do you think?
3)I think we should look at the charts.
2)I'm trying to find them. Where were they the last time you saw them?
1)I don't remember.
Well this is that would have happened at my house. They were probably more organized. But it still makes me wonder about their lives. Did they just drop everything and start their journey or was there more planning to be put in it? Whatever the story from their end I'm glad that they went and that I can teach my children about their faith in a star and faith in the man the star led them to.


Shellee said...

That totally would have been the conversation at my home. I think they were a little more prepared for it than we think. Do you have a jar of Frankensence or Myhrr on hand just in case there is a new star, or would you be like me and have to go searching for it?

Missy and Kevin said...

Whether that's the way it went down or not, I think your dialogue is hilarious:) I'm sure they knew what they were doing, thank goodness for that.

Ross' favorite sign.

Ross' favorite sign.