Friday, July 18, 2008

Utah or Bust

So off we go to Utah for 11 great days of adventure, oh boy did we have an adventure. We left the 3rd at about 7am. Things go great we get to Flagstaff and get gas and on we go. 31.9 miles after we got gas we over heat. Really bad, I mean we can't get it to go down for more then 2 minutes. So we are stuck at a gas station in the middle of no where. We paid $20.00 for 2 liters of water and a gallon of coolant. The kids are getting restless and I'm so mad, sad and everything in between that I start to cry as I call my mom and tell her I don't think we can make it. The girls start to question why the van is not working. I ask them if they know who Satan is. Dylan tells me "The bad guy!" I then tell them that when you are doing something you know you are supposed to that Satan tries to stop you. I told them we are supposed to go to Utah and Satan doesn't want us to. A few minutes later I hear Dylan in a very nasty voice say "Satan leave our van alone! Leave us alone!" So we start back to Flag. and there is not problem, we go a little faster still no problem. We make it to Flag. going the speed limit, no problem. Ross gets something he thinks will solve our problem, does what ever voodoo he does and off to McDonald's we go for lunch. We left PHX at 7am it's non 1pm and we have made it to Flagstaff. Ross' cousin was also headed to Utah and they meet us at McDonald's. We talk for a while then off we go. Praying all the way that we will make it.
We never had another problem with the van the whole trip there and back. We almost hit a truck that had a blow out in front of us. We almost hit a deer, then almost got rear ended by the person behind us, but the van worked fine. We finally made it to Sterling, Ut, where we were camping with my parents at 12 am. What a long day it had been. We made it to Utah and almost busted!


Shellee said...

Yep, we know about Satan... He is the one that affects my "problem people" to be how they are. I'll send you an email all about it.

Missy & Kevin said...

So true. I'm glad you made it there safely!

Ross' favorite sign.

Ross' favorite sign.