Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Utah and Home

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We had fun swimming in the lake and riding 4 wheelers. On Sat. we moved camp to the big group site. (My parents camp with a group from their ward every 4th of July.) Ross and I were about to get in to bed Sat. night when I hear my dad on the phone with my aunt, telling her that my grandma had passed away. (My mom's mom.) So the next day we packed up everything and headed for Salt Lake. The rest of the week we hung out at my parents house and the kids went swimming every night.
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On Sat. we went to my grandmother's funeral. We moved around alot at kids so I never really felt a strong attachment to my grandparents, not that I don't love them I do and did, but I don't feel I really knew them. Living away from them still is hard. This is something I never want my kids to feel. My mom kept telling everyone who called or came over that she was ok because I was there. I don't know what I did to make it easier, but I guess I did.

I took my camera to the funeral but the only pictures we took were these 2. Wes and Paige sleeping on the way.
Well we came home on Sun the 13th. No broken bones, no one sick, everyone was just tired and ready to get out of the van. THE END


Missy and Kevin said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandmother's passing. I'm glad you had a safe trip though:) My Mom still has a LOT of jam left. Peach and strawberry, $7 a quart and I think she has a few pints left that are $3.50ea, let me know if you want some:) THX

Shellee said...

It's amazing that you made it back and home without broken bones!!! Glad you are home, now I can borrow book 3 of Twilight series!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you guys made it up here safe, i dont know what it is about you and now your kids, you must have passed on the accident prone gene to them or something!!!! I love you and I am glad we got to spend some time together, the times are far and few between but when they happen they are great I LOVE YOU SIS!!!!
(can you guess which sis wrote this??? LOL)

Josh,Danielle & Dex said...

Hey, your kids are so beautiful... they are so big i can't believe it. How are you doing? what is new?

Ross' favorite sign.

Ross' favorite sign.