Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Flu

We all love Wes, but it's his fault. Ross and I went away for the night, for our anniversery. When I got home, Ross was at ASU, Wes was just grtting up from his nap. Well he sat on my lap for a while, then threw up all over me. Yes, he had the flu. It was just a 24 hour one, but then Victoria got it, then the twins, then me, and last but not least Dylan. We went to dinner for Victoria's birthday and Wes thought everyone at Red Robin needed to know what he had been eating. Dylan stayed home from school Monday, she said she didn't feel well, that lasted about an hour, so when she said she didn't feel well on Tues. I said no you're going to school. About 11:00 I recieved a call from the nurse, Dylan was indeed sick, she threw up in the middle of class.
These are pictures from dinner, before the throw up.

When we got home Wes got a hair cut and then a bath.

Monday he fell asleep in his chair having lunch. Yes, he is still in his pjs, we all were, isn't that what you are suppost to do when your sick?

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Shellee said...

So that's what happened to ya'll on Sunday! I was going to call, but then I thought maybe you would be recovering from the "weekend" away.

Ross' favorite sign.

Ross' favorite sign.